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Wooly Book and Doll Gift Set

Wooly Book and Doll Gift Set


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These adorable gift sets will be treasured for years to come.  The books are made of sturdy board which is perfect for little hands.  The rattle doll is 100% cotton and handmade in Peru and is 8 inches tall.  The book is a 6x6 square.

Wooly is about a little lamb who is very sleepy and stumbles through his child-like bedtime routine. From brushing his teeth to sitting on the potty to watching tv, the child will find that this baby sheep relates perfectly to him! 

Peekaboo Pierre is about a playful bunny who is the postman of the meadow. He challenges the young reader to catch him on his round because he has a special delivery! It takes several Blabla friends to capture him; but at the end, it's all worth it!

CARE: Hand or machine wash dolls in cold water on gentle cycle.
Lay flat to dry.