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The Case to End All Cases Book

The Case to End All Cases Book


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First published in 2010, this book is written by Mark Edward Thomas Piotrowski. It's a real page turner!  It is 104 pages long.

Publicly shunned and ostracized by the “Firm” and the London Times for unethical legal reasons beyond their control, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are forced into the private sector to which may very well be their last case together.

Mark Edward Thomas Piotrowski was born the youngest son of nine children in Schenectady, NY on 07 November 1958. During his entire lifetime--he has traveled throughout most of the United States, Hawaii, Western Canada, Iceland, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Southwestern Europe, and Northern Africa. His extensive educational background also consists of several Associates' Degrees in Pre-Law/Criminology, Anthropology, and European History from various Community Colleges as well as obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at Sonoma State University in 1984. His personal genre and literary passions are for screenplays, theater, fiction novels, short stories, and poetry.  Mr. Piotrowski currently resides and is employed in Williamsburg, Virginia.