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Leather and Crystal Bracelet RR1019

ReBel Designs

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This is a beautiful combination of leather and Swarovski crystals encrusted in a gold ladder-like design that only ReBel can create!  Its dark brown leather strap is 1/2 inch wide and is adjustable by 1 inch by 2 brass snaps.  

Founder and head designer of Rebel Designs Accessories Inc., Gina Riley draws from the energy and vibrancy of New York, which has always informed her work as an accessories designer. A city of contrasts–the juxtaposition of rough and refined, the bright, shiny new and the gritty layers of the old–is what fuels her creative spirit.

Rebel Designs exudes a distinctly hip and chic vibe that allows women of all ages to step into their zone of personal style, while indulging in the rich variety of handcrafted jewelry extravagently laden with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.  The leather is imported from Italy and the metals are nickel free.