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Salad Bowl

Mike Cope

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Mike Cope's craft allows him to create objects that are beautiful examples of the varieties of colors and patterns found in wood. His favorite approach to wood turning  is to find a gnarly piece of wood and let its inner beauty come out.  Another approach is to take a section of a log, split it in half and turn the two pieces differently.  These “fraternal twins”- one a natural edge bowl and the other a straight edge bowl - reveal the same graining in two distinct patterns. For both approaches he prefers to use green wood, turn the bowl to its final dimensions and allow each piece as it dries to warp to its own unique shape. With either approach he attempts to coax out of the wood a lithe agile form that has volume without mass. All of his items are extremely light weight, durable, and treated with salad bowl finish because it gives a soft luster and allows them to be food safe.

This gorgeous salad bowl is crafted from Cherry Burl.  It measures 11 3/4 inches in diameter across the top and stands 3 1/2 inches tall.  It is "signed" on the bottom with the artist's trademark.